At Nashua ‘Stand Down,’ veterans learn of services offering ‘express train out of homelessness’

NASHUA – Bill Griffith stood sipping coffee and scanning the throng of veterans who visited tables to learn about health care and housing, waited to get flu shots, or sifted through piles of donated shirts, socks and sweaters. “I came today to connect with old friends,” Griffith said of the annual Stand Down for homeless veterans at Harbor Homes. Griffith, 61, served in the U.S. Navy from 1969 to 1973. His tour of duty included a stint in Vietnam during that war.

Boston-based activists post Obama-as-Hitler signs near Nashua post office

NASHUA – As far as Boston-based activist Adrian Yule is concerned, President Barack Obama is a “narcissist in the image of Emperor Nero,” an indefensible war criminal bent on assassinating U.S. citizens. Yule was one of two activists set up on the sidewalk in front of the Nashua post office on Spring Street Wednesday, raising money for the LaRouche PAC. Yule said Obama is “Adolph Hitler and worse” because of his access to nuclear weapons. Set up near Buckingham Place, a veterans housing facility, they posted signs featuring Obama with a Hitler-style mustache.

Judge rejects motion to dismiss veteran’s lawsuit against Harbor Homes

NASHUA – A Hillsborough County Superior Court judge has denied a motion to dismiss a veteran’s lawsuit against Harbor Homes Inc. and its executive director, Peter Kelleher. Judge Diane Nicolosi denied the motion May 26, citing the objection filed by the plaintiff, Charlotte Goode, a U.S. veteran and former resident of Buckingham Place, a program for homeless veterans run by Harbor Homes. Harbor Homes had asked the court to dismiss Goode’s suit, filed April 12.